This Moment Will Be Hard to Forget Sheet Music


"This Moment Will Be Hard to Forget” sheet music. The sixth single from the full album "The Twilight Glow". Transcribed personally by the composer, Trevor Kowalski.


Solo Piano - 5 pages, B4 size
Performance Suite - 31 pages (27 pages of music). Includes everything needed for a live performance. Score 10x13 B4 and all parts 8x10 except Piano which is B4 size.
Horn and Strings Parts - 11 pages, 8x10
Full Score 10x13 Size B4 - 1 piece, 14 pages (10 music pages)

No images included, only transcriptions. Black and white.

“The Twilight Glow” sheet music purchased can only be used for noncommercial use. However, you may use the sheet music for the purpose to be used within your profession, for orchestral use (with express written permission from Trevor Kowalski) and/or live performances by you but may not be re-recorded, sold, and/or licensed to third parties. If performing publicly (including in education), live or digitally, please contact Trevor Kowalski.

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The Twilight Glow


Piano, Ensemble

This Moment Will Be Hard to Forget

by Trevor Kowalski | The Twilight Glow